Promoting Goodwill

Goodwill Tips:
Below are listed some things we all can do daily ( and/or do much better ) toward helping foster a greater measure of Right Human Relations within all of our relationships.

Financing the Work: is an educational project.Your aid to groups such as World Goodwill in New York strengthens centers of focus whereby the promotion of goodwill energy can then be distributed throughout the world. Funding is directly related to the level of activity that can be undertaken. With your help...

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Purpose and Goals

Goodwill is a contagious and potent energy. By its means, peace can eventually be established on earth. Through its intelligently applied use the dynamics of human interaction can be positively changed in a short period of time. is focused on practical methods for spreading this powerful force throughout humanity, in every region of the world. With the co-operation of men and women of goodwill across the globe this energy will stream into the hearts of people in all departments of life, affecting the change necessary to achieve peace. This is the primary purpose of - promoting goodwill through training and education.

The spirit of goodwill shining down on any sector of human endeavor is unbelievably powerful. As men and women become trained in practical applications on the use of this force they begin to have a tremendous effect on their immediate environment. They become role models for others.  They impact society on all levels of activity in a positive way. Their goodwill thoughts and actions affect relationships everywhere; families, business, politics, religion and racial relations. Negative interactions can be offset by intelligently applied goodwill interactions.

Is this some pipe dream? Not at all! We all know the old saying - you get more bees with honey. No matter how you feel or the pressure you are under in your daily life, endeavor to do your utmost to project a kind persona in your personal interactions and you will see the positive results. Education through practical applications on the use of goodwill energy is what we are about.


Below are some of the goals of - in no specific order.

1. To help foster a greater spirit of world goodwill among all people and divergent cultures on the planet.
2. To bring about a greater understanding and practical application to the problem of Right Human Relations.
3. To develop a practical system of co-operation and training in the use of goodwill energy.
4. To reduce the level of hate and violence.
5. To increase the creative efforts of individuals in goodwill expression.
6. To promote goodwill interactions on all levels of human activity.
7. To create a greater level of harmlessness in speech and writing.
8. To act as role models, especially for our children.
9. To offset evil by the use of focused spiritual will.
10. To raise awareness as to the potent use of goodwill energy.
11. To educate individuals and groups in practical applications of the energy of goodwill.
12. To develop a network of lecturers and writers to help spread the 'Promoting Goodwill' effort.


"People take different roads seeking fulfillment and happiness. Just because they're not on your road doesn't mean they've gotten lost."

-Dalai Lama