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Goodwill Tips:
Below are listed some things we all can do daily ( and/or do much better ) toward helping foster a greater measure of Right Human Relations within all of our relationships.

Financing the Work: is an educational project. Your aid to groups such as World Goodwill in New York strengthens centers of focus whereby the promotion of goodwill energy can then be distributed throughout the world. Funding is directly related to the level of activity that can be undertaken. With your help...

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Tips on Promoting Goodwill

Below we have listed some things we all can do daily ( and do much better ) toward helping foster a greater measure of Right Human Relations within all our relationships. Whether or not you become actively involved with you can help pursue this vision by Promoting Goodwill as you go about your daily affairs. Promoting Goodwill is easy and really only takes a conscious effort by each of us to adjust our speech, thought, mannerisms and tolerances. And to approach each interactive situation with a co-operative heart...and a display of harmlessness. How many of us actually try consciously to interact each and every day with a spirit of harmlessness with our thoughts, words and actions?  Thoughts are directed energy - construct ones that are positive - yes, even when it is difficult. This is what we mean by conscious effort. When we begin to try consciously to effect our every day surroundings positive things take place. Attitudes at home and work change for the better. We are not saying you are going to be perfect every day in your conscious endeavor to Promote Goodwill. What we hope to achieve is to demonstrate a greater degree of harmlessness - a greater measure of Right Human Relations through our daily activities. If you believe you are being efficient 20% of your day in your Goodwill Promotion efforts, try for 30% - 40%.  This is what we are trying to accomplish here - lots of people doing their best to achieve a greater measure of harmlessness in their lives. Please read some of the thoughts listed below - they are in no particular order. 

1. Don't criticize others, directly or indirectly.

2. Be less confrontational over differences.

3. Don't think bad thoughts about others - remember energy follows thought!

4. Help where you can help - make those sacrifices on behalf of others - physically, emotionally, and mentally.

5. Meet others halfway - you can do this more than you think!

6. Be less prone to argue - how many arguments are over truly stupid things? 

7. Be more tolerant of other's opinions, viewpoints, beliefs, religions, national and racial cultures. 

8. Don't hesitate to be supportive.

9. Don't force your will or beliefs on others - remember...just because we believe something doesn't make us right, or mean it is the only possibility, truth or answer!

10. Watch your word usage - some words just aren't necessary!

11. Negotiate business transactions with a spirit of co-operative goodwill.

12. Try and resolve disputes with your adversaries - be more understanding of the positions of others.

13. Conduct business with an attitude of giving and sharing rather than one of taking.

14. Touch others with a kind gesture for no reason.

15. Make it obvious you are a role model for the promotion of goodwill in your family, work environment and community and as a result others will want to be around you and look to you for help and support - you are contagious!